IT resourcing and solutions

With FlexiDev you have options

What we do

Web development

Custom full-stack web app development services.

Software development

Let us bring your concept to life or just fix that buggy code.

Mobile App

Android and IOS apps

Digital Design

UI and UX design, research, prototyping, and digital branding.

Project Management

We manage teams, timesheets and daily meetings, handling cost overruns and scope creep.

System architecture

Quality Assurance

Using robust testing methodologies, we maintain a high level of quality from start to finish.


We build and maintain robust and reliable systems that form the core of your operations.

Technical documentation

We provide clear, concise, well-written technical documentation to be used as a guide for every stakeholder.

How we do it

Our developers have the skills and expertise to fit seamlessly into your project.

Front – end

Back – end





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